Only a few years back, it was hard to get guaranteed payday loans no matter what in Australia. Nowadays, you can get quick loans without worrying that your loan application will be rejected.

Are you wondering where you can get some money before your paycheck?

You are not the only one! Often a person is faced with unforeseen expenses during the month, spending their budget ahead of schedule.

Or there are other reasons for which you have to look for additional financial resources.

In such cases, the payday loans can save your day.

Where can I get online loans with instant approval in Australia?

Since there are quite a lot of financial companies in the market that propose instant cash loans online 24/7 in Australia, you might want to consider all options before choosing the financial company where you can apply for and get a loan.

Estimate the interest rate and the need for long-term lending.

In most cases, online lenders meet all the needs of the client.

We recommend paying attention to the following parameters of a future lender:

  1. Experience. A company that provides online payday loans should have work experience of about 5 years, so it can be trusted. You should also make sure that there are permits for the right to conduct core activities. Usually, they are generally available on the website and placed in the office of the company.
  2. Online or offline? It would be great if a client was given a choice: get the money before the salary in cash or on the card. That is, the company should actually have physical branches around the country or an option to refill a prepaid card that you can use to get cash at an ATM.
  3. Reviews from previous clients. You can judge about how quickly money is provided, how consultants work with clients, whether there are hidden loan payments/fees, etc. from reviews. You will be able to study the opinions of regular customers about the work of possible lenders. The presence of positive reviews suggests that you can get a quick payday loan without any risk of fraud  since the best advertising of honesty and quality work of the company is the opinion of ordinary customers.
  4. Security policies. When taking out a loan online, you will be giving out your personal information, including bank information, and you need to make sure that this information will not only be securely transferred through the internet but also be securely stored in the lender’s system. However, if the company has a thorough Privacy and Security Policies and many satisfied customers, you can usually be confident that it is safe to take the loan from this service.

How to get payday loans with no bank statements required in Australia?

Getting a loan without presenting your bank statements is possible and this is what you usually get when buying any products online or in-store in credit.

Many banks offer loans without requiring bank statements, although in most cases these are loans with pledge securities, where if you will not be able to pay off your debt the assets you pledge will be taken from you. Read more about home loan calculator

It should be noted that any loan from a bank with a minimum number of required documents and without confirmation of earnings, can be characterized by the following points:

  1. High interest rate, depending on the chosen credit program;
  2. Simplified application procedure, as often the preliminary application can be
    completed on the bank’s website;
  3. Presence of additional fees: for withdrawing funds, for servicing a credit card,
  4. Mandatory requirements: citizenship/residency and good credit history.

However, if you just need a quick loan and do not want to secure it with any of your assets, pay extra money in the form of higher interest and additional fees, payday loans can be a great alternative.

If you decide to take a loan from online lenders, it is possible to not only receive money within an hour (more often faster), but also a loan without bank statements and with a bad credit history.

At the core of the work of such services is a scoring program that assesses the borrower’s solvency by point system.

This is the initial and at the same time usually the final stage of considering the client’s application, in connection with which a loan in these financial companies can be obtained not only in the branches personally, but also remotely.

The process for getting loans from such services is simple, quick and can be done completely online.

To begin, the user registers on the company’s website and selects the desired loan amount.

To find out how much money you have to return at the end of the period, you can use a special online calculator.

Next, you need to fill out an online application form, where you will supply personal and bank account details (if you will be receiving cash on your bank account), and a valid email address and mobile number.

The online application is reviewed within 5 to 10 minutes and confirmed on the same day. Read Money Me review

If the loan is approved, the corresponding notification is sent to the phone or personal account.

Then you will only need to wait for your payday money to be transferred to your card, which is usually done right away.

Why getting a payday loan is faster than a “regular” bank loan?

  1. Fewer requirements — a loan can be issued to the unemployed, students, and retirees — which means no time is spent checking, moreover, most financial companies have special loan programs for all listed groups of citizens (with their bonuses, benefits, commission);
  2. There is no need to provide a large package of documents, which means the client will not spend time collecting papers, and the manager will not be checking each of them;
  3. A small amount of money is issued (up to $15,000) – which means the lender does not risk losing much, and can afford to speed up the process.
  4. Once you take a loan and successfully repay it, you can count on improving your reputation/ranking with the service, which means you will be able to take money on more favorable terms and more likely to succeed in getting approval of the application.

How to repay quick loans to payday lenders?

If you want to get money before your pay arrives, you should take into account that most services offer loans only up to 3 months.

In some cases, this period may be longer, but only in the case when the client already borrowed money from this service before.

In case of difficulties with repayments, the management of the financial company often takes steps in favour of the borrower and agrees to provide a prolongation of the loan agreement.

Most services offer to repay a loan online through a personal account using a bankcard, a standard transfer through third-party banks or in any other way and some will even set up an automatic repayment.

The lender often informs you via a message sent to your phone or email about all upcoming payment deadlines.

We recommend that you make a payment on the day you receive these reminders to avoid paying unnecessary late fees.

By repaying the debt on time, you form a good credit history, which increases your credit rating and the chances to get a loan in the future on more favorable terms.

You can see all the options for receiving and paying loans on the official websites.

A quick payday loan in Australia is a reality and all your financial struggles can be resolved within minutes!

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